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Stainless Steel PTFE Braided Hose
Material: Stainless steel
Size: AN 3/4/6/8/10/12/16
Color: Silver
Custom: Customized
Standards: ISO 9001:2015
Brand: VMT
Model: SPH


Inner core: Rubber/plastic

Reinforcement: Nylon/Stainless steel

Sheath: Polyurethane (PU)


1.High low temperature performance good, strong adaptability,

2 .High pressure, light weight, small bending radius, light and flexible, convenient technical design and production installation.

3. Good flame resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, fatigue resistance,non-toxic

4 .Has high elasticity, high elongation, high strength


High voltage, low pressure hose is mainly used in machine tool, automobile, engineering machinery, motorcycles on the highpressure hose, brake oil pipe and the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industrial automatic control in the pneumatic instrument line and so on.

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