Product Detail
CNC custom machining stainless steel part
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silvery
Custom: Available
Standards: ISO 9001:2015
Brand: VMT
Model: SS0675

CNC custom machining stainless steel part SS0607

This is our CNC precision machining customized stainless steel part, the company's precision machining capabilities and efficiency of the user's praise, and there will be two cooperation!

Characteristics of Stainless Steel:

Contains iron and a minimum of 10 percent chromium.

Marketed for its corrosion resistance, sanitary qualities and modern appearance.

Expensive initially compared to aluminum.

Low maintenance and replacement costs.

More durable than most sheet metals.

Capable of being polished using an electropolishing methods.

Possible Applications:

Machine tool (metal cutting)

Metal forming

Assembly and robotics



Aerospace tooling

Wood manufacturing

Paper converting and web handling


Food and packaging

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