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Nine elements of high precision CNC machining milling services must know

20   |   Published by VMT at Jun 09 2021


High precision CNC machining milling automated production equipment occupies a major position in modern industry. The popularity of CNC machine tools has led to the emergence of a variety of CNC tools on the market. Among them, in addition to ordinary tools, CNC tools are suitable for machining a wide variety of parts and small batches. In addition to performance, the standardization, systematization, and modularization of the tool system should be reasonably established to achieve the best production requirements. Among them, to achieve efficient production and machining, the following nine elements must be met.


high precision CNC machining milling services Nine elements



1. Ensure the stable and reliable cutting performance of high precision CNC machining milling .



The cutting performance and life of the tool must be stable and reliable. When machining with CNC machine tools, the tool should be forced to change or the control system should manage the tool life. The cutting performance and tool life of the same batch of CNC tools must not be significantly different, so avoid frequent tool changes or scrapping of a large number of machined workpieces.


2. Ensure the long service life of high precision CNC machining milling  tools


The cutting tool should have a high life, and the coating cutting tool with high cutting performance and wear resistance should be selected, and the cutting amount should be selected reasonably.

3. Avoid high precision CNC machining milling tool loss

In order to ensure reliable chip breaking, rolling and chip removal, the disordered chip removal system will bring great harm to automated production, cause tool chipping, and produce various factors of varying degrees of wear.


4. Ensure the state transition of high precision CNC machining milling tools


Ensure quick indexing, blade change and automatic tool change operations.



5. Scientifically and reasonably adjust the state of high precision CNC machining milling tools.


It can quickly and accurately adjust the machining size of the tool to the part, the original positioning point of the tool, etc.


6. Choose CNC precision machining milling tools according to the characteristics of CNC.


Starting from the characteristics of CNC machining, customize the standardized, serialized, and universal structure of CNC tools to quickly purchase suitable tools.


7. Establish a database and management system


A complete database and management system should be established. There are many types of CNC precision machining milling tools and complicated management. Need to automatically identify all tools, remember their specifications, storage location, cutting time and remaining life, etc., and then change the tool transportation, tool size pre-adjustment, etc. for management.


8. Compile a complete tool information system


Have a complete tool assembly, and be familiar with machine milling tool presetting, code recognition and recognition systems.


9. Monitor tool status at any time


Establish an online monitoring system for tool wear and breakage.


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