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What issues should be paid attention to by large CNC machining manufacturers?

25   |   Published by VMT at Jun 15 2021


As a large-scale mechanical machining manufacturer, it has special requirements for production safety, quality control, processing procedures, and craftsmanship. Many mechanical machining manufacturers also need to pay attention to many issues in the machining technology. What are the specific performance?


large machining manufacturers



Problems that need to be paid attention to during machining:


1. When the workpiece is too high, rough machining should be done with a knife of different length first, and then the remaining material should be removed with a knife;

2. If the material hardness is high, you should choose up milling; if the material hardness is low, you should choose down milling; the finishing is down milling, and the finishing is down milling;


3. The tool has good toughness and low hardness, which is suitable for rough machining; the tool has poor toughness and high hardness, which is suitable for finishing;


4. Flat-bottomed knives should be used when machining the plane, which can effectively reduce the machining time; if there is an inclination and it is an integer, it should be machined with an inclination knife;



Matters needing attention in mechanical parts clamping and fixture selection:


1. The clamping method of mechanical parts machining manufacturers should reasonably choose the positioning datum and clamping plan. When we choose to set benchmarks, we must follow the two principles of "benchmark uniformity" and "benchmark overlap";


2. When determining the position of the workpiece on the worktable, the machining manufacturers must consider the influence of the machining of each position, the length of the tool and the stiffness of the tool on the machining quality;


3. All surface machining should be completed in one positioning and clamping as much as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a positioning method that can be easily machined on each surface of the workpiece;


4. The fixtures used in machining manufacturers are assembled from common parts as much as possible, and can be adjusted, which can effectively shorten the production preparation cycle;



Problems that machining manufacturers should pay attention to when arranging the sequence of processing procedures:


1. To arrange the processing sequence, the basic principles of "face first, hole second" and "rough first then fine" must be followed;


2. The processing is carried out according to the centralized process of the tool, which can better avoid the repeated use of the same tool and reduce the number and time of tool change;


3. The machining manufacturer determines the tool point and tool change point. Once determined, it is not suitable for replacement;


4. For the hole system with very high coaxiality requirements, all the hole systems should be processed after one positioning, and then the hole systems of other coordinate positions can be processed, which can effectively eliminate the error caused by repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system.



Therefore, the machining manufacturer should fully understand the problems that need attention before processing the workpiece, in order to better shorten the processing time, reduce the problems encountered during the processing, and improve the quality of work. At present, the company's CNC machining machinery includes CNC tool feeder, CNC core walking machine, turning and milling composite machining center and CNC machining center. It can process more than 40 kinds of materials, covering a wide range of fields, and has passed ISO9001, IATF16949 and other related certifications. If you have large parts machining needs, please contact us, we will provide you with the best solution.



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