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What do you need to paid attention to before precision custom machining parts?

24   |   Published by VMT at Jun 04 2021


What matters should be paid attention to before making precision custom machining parts, today I will learn more about it with the VMT custom machining factory:


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1. Safety operation rules that need to be paid attention to when precision custom machining parts


Before proceeding with precision custom machining parts,the operator needs to maintain the correct posture and cultivate enough energy before performing precision metal processing, It is forbidden to chat and need to cooperate with each other during the operation. For personal safety, to avoid accidents, and to ensure production safety, all employees need to check whether their attire meets the requirements before entering the workplace. Wearing slippers, high heels and other clothing that affect production safety is not allowed. Colleagues with long hair need to wear a helmet to protect their hair.


2.The content of the safety operating procedures that the precision custom machining factory needs to check before processing.


Need to check the Custom metal parts machining tools are filled with lubricating oil or not and whether the clutch and brake are normal when starting the equipment, and let the equipment idle for 1-3 minutes. If the machine malfunctions has harsh noises, it is forbidden to operate the equipment.


3. Safety operation rules that need to be paid attention to during production and precision custom machining parts

It is strictly forbidden to reach into the Custom metal parts machining  work area,to pick and place the workpiece by hand during working. If you take and place parts in the mold, you need to use professional and standard tools. If you find abnormal sounds or malfunctions in the device, please turn off the power switch immediately and check. After the Custom metal parts machining machine is started, one person will carry the materials and operate the machine. Others are not allowed to press the power or step on the foot switch. For safety, you should not put your hands in the work area or touch the working parts of the machine with your hands;

4.Safety considerations when starting precision custom machining parts machines

The staff cleans up the debris on the workbench, and can turn on the power switch to start the equipment after leaving the custom metal parts machining parts work area.


5. Safety operation specifications that need to be paid attention to when changing molds


When replacing abrasive tools, you need to turn off the power switch first, and then install and debug after the custom parts machining tools stop running. After installation and debugging, use the manual method to move the flywheel for two test punches to avoid collisions between the machine and the parts to be processed. It is necessary to check the symmetry and rationality of the upper and lower molds, whether the screws are tight, and whether the blank holders are in a reasonable position.


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