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What is the CMC Turning and Surface Formation of a CNC Machining Part Manufacturer?

19   |   Published by VMT at May 25 2021




CNC machining center is a kind of mechanical equipment that integrates drilling, milling, boring, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing functions. Among them, the workpiece processing method commonly used by CNC machining manufacturers is cutting. In order to ensure the machining accuracy and cutting accuracy of the workpiece, what should be paid attention to before cutting the workpiece?




CNC Turning and Surface Formation of CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer




What is the cnc turning and surface formation of a CNC machining part manufacturer




CNC Turning: In the cutting process of CNC machining manufacturers, in order to remove the excess metal, the workpiece and the tool must be cut relative to each other. The movement of using a turning tool to remove the excess metal on the workpiece on the lathe is called turning processing, which can be divided into Main movement and feed movement.



Feed movement: the movement of continuously putting new cutting layers into cutting. The feed motion is a motion along the surface of the workpiece to be processed, and it can be a continuous motion or an intermittent motion. For example, when a CNC machining manufacturer's horizontal lathe tool moves continuously, the workpiece feed motion on the bullhead planer is an intermittent motion.



The surface formed on the workpiece: The CNC machining manufacturer forms the machined surface on the workpiece during the cutting process, the machined surface and the surface to be machined. The machined surface refers to a new surface formed by cutting off excess metal by turning. The surface to be treated refers to the surface where the metal layer will be cut. The machined surface refers to the surface that the cutting edge of the turning tool is turning.



Main movement: directly cut off the cutting layer on the workpiece to form a new surface movement of the workpiece, which is called the main movement. When cutting, the rotational movement of the workpiece is the main movement. The main movement is fast and the cutting power is also high.




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