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VMT is a hardware component manufacturers, can be processed brass, aluminum, stainless steel parts, the user first, efficiency second. If you are looking for precision machined products, contact us.

Our company providing CNC machine services for the production of small, medium, and large parts with exacting dimensions and tolerances. We have the capacity to work with most metal materials, and have a solid background for expertly machining iron castings. Our 4-axis horizontal and vertical machining centers, combined with our creative and innovative fixturing solutions, allow us to efficiently produce parts at rapid cycle times.

Capable of milling parts with dimensions of up to 62" in length x 20" in width x 20" in height, we have high capacity lifting equipment for maneuvering workpieces weighing up to 4,500 lbs. Our experienced, technically adept workforce use precise toolpaths and computer controls to keep tolerances as close as ± 0.0001". In addition to statistical process control protocols, we utilize a diverse range of test and inspection methodologies to ensure components meet an exceptional standard of quality.

As a lean and agile organization, we are prompt, efficient, and offer a spotless record for on-time delivery. We are capable of processing jobs of any volume, and offer personalized customer service. For more information about how our CNC milling services can benefit your next project, please contact us for more information.

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