Product Detail
Adjustable Slide Universal Hand Tool An Wrenches
Material: Aluminum
Size: AN 0/3/4/6/8/10/12
Color: red or custom
Custom: Available
Standards: ISO 9001:2015
Brand: VMT
Model: VMTW1208

Adjustable Slide Universal Hand Tool An Wrenches

VMTW1208 (12).jpg

Adjustable spanners can be used to fit a wide range of screws and bolts so save you having to carry around a wide

range of different sized spanners. The issue is that they can be tricky to use as they might not lock tight

onto the nut or bolt.Aside from this small drawback they are very handy to have in the tool box for one good

reason - More often than not you may only have one of each size spanner and when it comes to un-doing or

doing up a nut or bolt they are great for holding bolt heads while you tighten the nut with a spanner.It is made

out of durable tempered vanadium steel and features a rust-resistant polished chrome finish that will last for years.

It comes with a useful hang hole for easy wall storage when not in use.

VMTW1208 (11).JPG

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