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45 male flare union with port
45 male flare union with port
Material: Aluminum/Brass/Stainless steel/Steel
Size: custom size
Color: Black/Silver/Blue/Customized
Custom: Customized
Standards: ISO 9001:2015
Brand: VMT
Model: AN06NPT38-B (1)

45 degree male flare union with port

Manufactured from marine quality 6061-T6 billet aluminium for superior corrosion and fatigue resistance.

Blue hard anodised aluminium construction (Also available in Blue anodised finish).

materialModel  No.Description
AN       NPT






Zinc Plated


VMTAN816-3DAN31/8" NPT
VMTAN816-3-4D1/4" NPT
VMTAN816-3-6D3/8" NPT
VMTAN816-4DAN41/8" NPT
VMTAN816-4-4D1/4" NPT
VMTAN816-4-6D3/8" NPT
VMTAN816-6-2DAN61/8" NPT
VMTAN816-6D1/4" NPT
VMTAN816-6-6D3/8" NPT
VMTAN816-6-8D1/2" NPT
VMTAN816-6-10D3/4" NPT
VMTAN816-7DAN81/4" NPT
VMTAN816-8D3/8" NPT
VMTAN816-8-8D1/2" NPT
VMTAN816-8-12D3/4" NPT
VMTAN816-10-6DAN103/8" NPT
VMTAN816-10D1/2" NPT
VMTAN816-10-12D3/4" NPT
VMTAN816-12-8DAN121/2" NPT
VMTAN816-12D3/4" NPT
VMTAN816-12-16D1" NPT
VMTAN816-16DAN161" NPT
VMTAN816-16-12D3/4" NPT
VMTAN816-16-20D1-1/4" NPT
VMTAN816-20DAN201-1/4" NPT
VMTAN816-20-16D1" NPT

This fittings has the flexibility to offer an in house custom anodising service with there complete range of billet aluminium products.

With a variety of common colours available you can choose to mix and match or stick to one colour.

All custom anodised fittings must be paid for upfront and are non refundable.

VMT apply for all custom anodising jobs and can be purchced through our website by selecting the CUSTOM option. All colour variations can be emailed through to us.

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