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4 Misunderstandings about CNC Machining Prototype Manufacturing

68   |   Published by VMT at Oct 05 2021




One reason why CNC machining prototype manufacturing is not performed more frequently is based on the traditional view of what business people and product managers should know and do. Prototyping requires us to admit that there are things we don’t know, and although our beliefs that we should have been correct persist in some organizations, this situation is changing, especially in product management.





Among the product management leaders and product managers, several misunderstandings about CNC machining prototype manufacturing still exist:





Myth 1: Prototyping takes too much time and effort.



One of the most common objections is the long manufacturing time for CNC machining prototypes. However, you can design a simple prototype in the time it takes to read this blog post. Of course, you can spend days, weeks, or even months developing a complex, high-fidelity prototype that looks the same as the finished product, but it doesn’t need to be done. Thanks to the support provided by CNC technology, we can produce a single actual product in a fraction of the time. When it is necessary to show something to potential investors as early as possible, speed is important.




4 Misunderstandings about CNC Machining Prototype Manufacturing




Misunderstanding 2: CNC machining prototype manufacturing is too technical



In fact, CNC machining prototype manufacturing can be simple, low-fidelity prototypes-such as pen and paper, dry erase blackboard markings, or waste materials-can be created by children. A person is not necessarily a technical talent to come up with the basic design. In the past, programming knowledge was required to create a high-fidelity prototype. Now, web and tablet-based tools allow anyone to create interactive prototypes without any coding or design knowledge. No matter what type of product your company produces, CNC machining prototype manufacturing design will come in handy on many occasions. The prototype is practical, affordable, and worth the effort. Talk to a professional today and see what prototypes can do for your business.




Myth 3: No added value



CNC machining prototype manufacturing creates better products, more economical and more effective. However, if you are still unsure of the benefits, please answer the following questions:


Do you think the best idea is the one selected after meetings and discussions?

Do you believe that the selected idea is so good that it cannot be improved?

Do your internal stakeholders fully agree on what to build and how it will work?

Do you believe that with just words, you have captured all the details needed to build a product?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, then you can benefit from CNC machining prototype manufacturing design.
Indeed, these other methods do have their advantages. Even so, people still like to touch, hold, and see things at work with their eyes. Through the correct method of customizing precision machining for the parts, the prototype manufacturing will convince important people that the product does have a good opportunity to create profits.




Myth 4: CNC machining prototype manufacturing is not cost-effective.



Most of the materials or tools needed for simple CNC machining prototype manufacturing are already in your office or computer. For more complex prototypes or applications, you can almost buy them for free on professional software. Although there are some expenses in terms of time and resources, the time is very short and rarely requires dedicated resources. After all, the model only needs to provide an idea of ??how the actual product will work.






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