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CNC Machining: 7 Benefits of CNC Machining and 3D Printing

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3D printing and CNC machining are relatively common production processes in the field of precision machining. Both have similarities and differences. For example, CNC machining is suitable for mass production. It can create many products in less time than 3D printing takes hours to create one product. What are the advantages of CNC machining compared to 3D printing? The main points are as follows:




1.The Advantages of Surface Treatment



CNC machining provides a better surface finish than 3D printing because the material does not deform during machining. The rigid material and cutting action keep the product together, reducing the chance of error or deformation. 3D printing has a poor surface finish. When the material is layered with the heated plastic, the material bends, twists or twists.




2. Improve the Integrity of CNC Machining Prototypes



CNC machining does not heat the material and manufactures it CNC machining. The material is still stronger and has better structural integrity than 3D printers, which must heat the material to make the intended product. 3D printers may also need to add foreign matter to the mix to make prototypes, while CNC machines do not.




CNC Machining Surface Treatment





3. CNC Machining Prototyping is Easier



CNC machining is better for prototypes that can withstand structural testing because they carve the design out of the material. They can also build prototypes using precise materials that will be CNC machined to make the final product.


Structural tests and changes will be more accurate because they use the same materials​​​. This can speed up the production process as the changes will be in the design rather than the material. 3D printers cannot make structurally robust prototypes, so physical testing is not possible.




4. Manufacturing Price



The cost of 3D printing depends on the amount of material required. The final product quantity does not determine the price of CNC machining. For larger orders, 3D printing is not cost-effective, and this is where CNC machining thrives.




5. Manufacturing Precision



CNC machining is more precise, so CNC machined parts have better tolerances than 3D printers. Due to tolerance levels, CNC machined prototypes with shafts or connections to other components will be of higher quality and more likely to fit other CNC machined components.




6. CNC Machining Quality



Larger layers for 3D printers are faster, but not as high quality as smaller layers. If you need a CNC machined prototype, you can choose to get it quickly but at a slightly lower quality, or wait longer for the best quality CNC machined prototype the printer can offer. CNC machining allows you to choose the resolution of your project. They can deliver different qualities in a short amount of time, making them ideal for quick builds and instant test results.




 CNC Machining Quality




7.Reduce Costs



If you are custom CNC machined parts, you will choose which manufacturing method to use for your product, CNC machining is usually less expensive than 3D printing.



In general, CNC machining has the above seven advantages over 3D printing in the field of precision machining.




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