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CNC Machining: Which Process is Better for CNC Machining and Die Casting of Aluminum Housing?

41   |   Published by VMT at Jun 09 2022




I believe everyone knows that different CNC machining manufacturers, different brands, and different types of products have different process requirements for CNC machining of aluminum casings, especially for some CNC machining parts with high functional requirements, because the internal structure is more complex. , the corresponding machining technology has also become improved. At present, the CNC machining process of aluminum shell mainly includes CNC machining and die-casting machining. So is the aluminum casing processed by CNC or die-casting process?



CNC Machining:


CNC machining is precision machining under computer digital control. Under this CNC machining process, aluminum casings can achieve some extremely special or complex surface treatments, such as beveling, non-penetrating pattern or texture engraving, aluminum It can be said that even the most demanding and difficult details can be completed under the machining of CNC machining, such as the punching treatment of the bending part of the shell, the surface treatment of the non-flat plane, etc. For those CNC machining manufacturers who have high requirements for custom CNC machining of aluminum casings, it is generally inevitable to use this one.






Die Casting Machining:


Die-casting refers to applying high pressure to the molten metal by using the cavity of the mold to form a surface effect similar to that of the mold. Under the die-casting process, some simple drilling and pattern forming work can be performed, which is relatively expensive compared to CNC machining. Lower, but not for very complex surface treatments.





Which process is better?


There may be many friends who think that CNC machining of aluminum casings is a good choice between the two processes. Actually, not so. These two machining techniques of aluminum casings have their own characteristics, and they are both indispensable skills for CNC machining manufacturers of aluminum casings in production and operation. The two can achieve complementary effects, allowing CNC machining manufacturers to provide customers with better quality. CNC machining services.



In summary, we can see that if you want to produce qualified CNC machining parts for aluminum casings, you need to choose the corresponding CNC machining technology according to its production needs. At the same time, we also have to take into account the production cost of CNC machining. In the case that both CNC machining processes are feasible, it is natural to choose which one is more convenient and more profitable, not which one looks better. Which one you choose, after all, your actual needs are also very important.



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