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Diamond knurled appearance CNC parts machining method and manufacturing method of its products

96   |   Published by VMT at Jul 13 2021

In order to make the product have a better aesthetic, people often choose a variety of surface treatments after CNC parts machining, such as anodizing, sandblasting, oil spraying, diamond knurling, etc. While pursuing beauty, we always consider some necessary effects. When the product is too smooth, we need to consider the non-slip performance of the product. 


Diamond knurling is a surface treatment process used to increase surface friction. Because the surface shape is very similar to the diamond, the lines are arranged very neatly and regularly, so it can be very beautiful. This is also very practical. So let's take a look at how diamond knurling CNC parts is made!


CNC machining Aluminum knurled knob parts

What is diamond knurling?


Knurling is a mechanical Process of rolling patterns on the handles of metal CNC parts or other working surfaces. Diamond knurling is called diamond knurling because its surface shape is very similar to diamonds, the lines are arranged very neatly and regularly, and the overall appearance is very smooth and beautiful, so it is called diamond knurling, but in the knurling industry, it is generally called mesh knurling. . This kind of knurling can be processed by choosing different knurling tools according to the material and drawing requirements of the CNC parts.



How is the appearance of diamond knurled?


Diamond knurling is a special type of net knurling.The angle of the texture is 45 degrees or 30 degrees. It is also called cross knurling. It is mainly shaped like a diamond, so it becomes a diamond knurling. Deal with this type of knurling. The first thing to determine is the material of the knurled workpiece. Now we will introduce the two knurling methods of copper and stainless steel CNC parts.




A general single-wheel extrusion knurling tool can be used, and ACCU's anilox knurling wheel can be loaded for extrusion processing. During the CNC parts machining, the line can be rolled out by controlling the feed speed, which is less difficult to machining.


Stainless Steel


This kind of CNC parts is mostly used on subway handrails or other handheld devices. Processing net-like knurling can increase friction and ensure that the user does not let go during the grasping process. Secondly, the regular and symmetrical patterns, coupled with the luster of the stainless steel CNC parts itself, add a certain beauty to the appearance.


Note: This kind of diamond knurling CNC parts machining, in general, if you need to move the knife, it is recommended to use the CNC turning knurling process for CNC machining. This is due to the knurling process. If the extrusion process is adopted, the radial pressure generated during knurling is very large, which is easy to damage the machine tool, especially the CNC parts workpiece material is high-hardness stainless steel, the processing time is long, the knurling wheel wears a lot, and the CNC Machining cost and equipment maintenance are increased.



Machining steps


(1) Design electrodes according to diamond pattern programming;


(2) Use a carving knife for CNC machining and electrodes;


(3) The diamond pattern is machined CNC parts by EDM.






The use of knurling technology can repair holes and shafts whose diameters are out of tolerance due to CNC machining or wear to ensure the designed fit clearance. The process is to knurl the shaft surface smaller than the lower limit of the size or the hole larger than the upper limit of the CNC parts size to make the surface protruding, and then roll to the required size. 


If the rolling method is not used after knurling, but the method of turning or grinding the shaft, reaming or honing the hole to achieve the required size, the disadvantage is that the part that lacks metal material on the CNC parts surface is removed. The supporting area will be reduced a lot, and the knurling process can avoid this shortcoming.


CNC parts


To sum up


Diamond knurling is also called net knurling. The purpose of CNC parts machining anilox knurling is to increase the friction of the parts in use. Generally, CNC turning knurling processing technology or anilox knurling wheel is used for extrusion machining. Pay attention to the hardness of the CNC parts material when machining. The material has high hardness, long CNC machining time, and large loss of knurled wheels, which increase CNC machining costs and equipment maintenance. Therefore, materials with higher hardness generally adopt the CNC turning knurling process.



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