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How do CNC machining manufacturers parts ensure the accuracy of dimensions when machining aluminum?

129   |   Published by VMT at May 22 2021




With the development of the electronics industry, the CNC machining technology of CNC machining manufacturers is becoming more and more sophisticated. So how do manufacturers of CNC machining parts ensure dimensional accuracy when machining aluminum?





First of all, under the condition of aluminum material, these aspects will be considered:




CNC machining manufacturers




The stability of the CNC lathe itself. If it is not a new CNC lathe bought by a CNC machining manufacturer or the CNC lathe has not been adjusted after many times of production and processing, there will be a specification deviation caused by the CNC lathe itself. There are many factors that cause the deviation of the CNC lathe itself:




1.CNC machining manufacturer's machinery and equipment:



a. There is looseness between the AC servo motor and the ball screw.

b. The ball screw rolling bearing or nut is damaged.

c. Insufficient lubrication between the ball screw and the nut.





CNC machining manufacturer's electrical equipment:


a. Common faults of AC servo motors.

b. There are stains inside the grating ruler.

c. Common failures of servo motor amplifiers.


The main parameters of the system software of the CNC machining manufacturer can carry out PMC repair, so it is omitted.




2. The CNC machining manufacturer deforms by water cooling after the steel parts are produced and processed. Most of this can't be prevented. Pay attention to the application of refrigerant during production and processing, and pay attention to the deformation of steel parts after water cooling when carrying out accurate measurements in power.





Factors that CNC machining manufacturers can avoid when machining aluminum parts:




CNC machining manufacturers, aluminum CNC machining parts




1. The production process of CNC machining


I think most of the CNC machining manufacturers’ deviations in the production and processing are caused by the unscientific production process. They are ensuring the basic production process (such as cutting CNC lathes "first rough and then fine, first face and then hole, large amount and then Chongqing small Basic manufacturing techniques such as “surface” or “reducing the frequency of clamping and using modular fixtures as much as possible” in the application of tooling and fixtures), try to avoid the production and processing deviation caused by iron pins on the die castings, because the die castings are very good.

The soft, cleaned iron pin is very easy to cause the production and processing deviation of the die casting. To learn a lot of professional knowledge of CNC machine tools, please add Q group 192963572. For example, in FANUC or Wenhua Hotel CNC machine tools, use the G83 command as much as possible to make deep holes, so that the iron pins can be discharged instead of the G73 command.




2. Three elements of cutting: cutting amount vc, cutting speed f, drilling depth 1ap and CNC blade compensation


Under the condition of ensuring the quality of production and processing and the damage of CNC machining blades, CNC machining manufacturers adjust the main parameters to make full use of the machinability of CNC blades, improve drilling efficiency and reduce production costs. In CNC milling, there are also factors such as blade damage.




3. Numerical calculation in manual programming and automatic programming


In manual programming, CNC machining manufacturers will encounter calculation deviations, but most production and manufacturing are automatic programming.



4. Knife setting


Inaccurate tool setting is the cause of specification deviation. Choose a good edge finder. For example, CNC lathes have a fully automatic tool setting device. If it is not an edge finder, use tool radius compensation. This is the actual operating experience.




The above is the introduction of how CNC machining manufacturers ensure dimensional accuracy when machining aluminum. Hope can help you!



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