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Aluminum CNC machining: Machining Skills that Should be Paid Attention to in CNC machining of Aluminum Case

28   |   Published by VMT at Jul 28 2022



Aluminum alloy accessories and products are favored by many industries because of their light weight and beautiful appearance, and are more and more widely used in industrial and daily necessities. Especially in this era, science and technology are becoming more and more developed and society is making continuous progress, and people's demand for product diversity is getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, the better the process of aluminum CNC machining parts, the more people will like them, the greater the market demand, and the higher the efficiency. CNC machining is one of the best machining methods for aluminum shell products at present.



In order to meet people's demand for the diversity and high quality of CNC machining parts for aluminum casings, it is necessary to summarize the process skills in the process of CNC machining parts. Based on years of CNC machining experience, VMT CNC machining parts manufacturer summarizes the CNC machining skills that should be paid attention to in CNC machining parts for aluminum casings.






The requirement of CNC machining skills is that the control system can logically process CNC machining programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode them by the computer, so that the machine tool can move and machine parts. The blank is processed into a semi-finished product by a tool.



CNC cutting is a CNC machining method that makes cutting more reasonable. It is also a common process for aluminum precision CNC machining. The aluminum laser deep engraving technology adopts end mills with multi-directional cutting functions, helical cutting interpolation, contour cutting interpolation, etc. In this way, it selects as few tools as possible to machine a small number of holes.



Ball end mills can be used with helical interpolation to continuously process tapered holes; ball end mills and helical interpolation drills can be used for boring and chamfering; end mills can be used with contour cutting interpolation to semi-cut holes. Finishing and precision parts machining; end mills for thread CNC machining can be used for CNC machining of various threaded holes by helical interpolation.





If the high-efficiency aluminum precision CNC machining parts have high-precision holes of any size, the tool interpolation function can be used. Especially when using high speed milling, the load on each tooth is relatively light. Due to the use of aluminum laser deep engraving process, the same coated carbide end mill can be used for high-speed and high-precision hole processing of various materials to be processed.



In the CNC machining of aluminum shells, the CNC machining technology must be mastered.



Select a reasonable cutting amount, and the staff can choose the cutting speed to be used according to the material to be processed, hardness, cutting state, material type, and cutting depth. These conditions are necessary to effectively reduce machine wear.



Choose the right tool. When rough turning, generally speaking, it is best to choose high-strength and durable tools, so as to better meet the requirements of rough turning.



Choose a reasonable fixture. CNC machining parts must fully meet the needs of the machine and reduce unnecessary positioning errors. It is best to use special clamping tools.



Determine a reasonable processing route. Minimize machining routes to reduce machine wear.







The VMTCNC machining manufacturer has 13 years of experience in CNC machining parts for aluminum casings, and has explored and summed up a set of effective CNC machining experience and skills in the process of CNC machining of aluminum casings. In the actual CNC machining production process, the application of these mature CNC machining experience has greatly improved the quality of CNC machining parts for aluminum alloy shells. VMTCNC machining manufacturers can provide prototype processing and manufacturing, 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal processing, vacuum complex molding, small batch CNC machining production, and also provide electronic, military, medical, semiconductor, automotive industry parts shell CNC machining, etc.




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