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What is the effect of material stiffness and strength on custom CNC machining?

38   |   Published by VMT at Aug 05 2021

The custom CNC machining we often say is a subtractive manufacturing method, which manufactures custom machined parts by cutting different solid materials numerically. Since the process is digitally programmed, it offers many potential advantages and also improves the efficiency and accuracy of the custom machined parts team. CNC processing machines are very suitable for processing more than 1,000 custom-made parts, and then repeat precise cutting. The difference in stiffness and strength will always affect the tool and cause part deviation.




How to distinguish the stiffness and strength of custom machined parts?



Stiffness and strength are related. Therefore, they are always confused when it comes to custom processing. In daily use, it is difficult for most people to distinguish. It is also difficult to classify them. Although they all imply a sense of resistance, stiffness is different from strength in many ways.


Strength is a measure of the stress that a custom CNC machined material can withstand without breaking. This is the ability of the material to withstand the maximum load before it breaks or is permanently deformed.


Stiffness is a measure of the ability of a custom CNC machined material to recover its original shape after being subjected to an external force. It refers to the ability of a material to resist external forces and still return to its original shape.




custom CNC machining



Factors affecting custom CNC machining



Because CNC machining tools will affect the production efficiency and the accuracy of the final product, an important factor that we need to consider when cutting operations is the stiffness and strength of the material to ensure the accuracy and depth of the processing time in the customized machining process. While ensuring efficiency, the ideal parameters for cutting, machine tool power and spindle options can be well determined.




The strength of the material



The strength of custom CNC machined materials can be divided into impact strength, compressive strength and tensile strength. The tensile strength index generally refers to the change in the tensile index of the plastic, and the impact strength refers to the strength of the material with which the machine is impacted or applied. Compression resistance is how much compression and pressure the specified processing material can withstand.




Material stiffness



Stiffness is its ability to resist deformation. Stiffness is closely related to elastic or flexible materials. The more flexible the material of the custom machined part, the lower the stiffness.

Generally, stiffness is the total measure of the amount of deflection caused by the load on the material of the custom machined part. Engineers usually refer to the stiffness value as Young's modulus "E".




How to pay attention to the cost variables of stiffness and strength in custom CNC machining?



Although many custom CNC machining processes can use standard and existing fixtures, vises, jaws, panels and other components, and many milling tools are standard equipment, materials with different stiffness and strength require custom fixtures. Used for custom CNC machining of square parts, and to ensure their positioning and alignment.


Certain custom CNC machined parts may require additional dedicated components. In this case, you may need to customize a specific drill bit, using a one-time special tool plug-in to complete, the software can design the length of the production plan, and easy to replace.


It is important to consider as many known cost independent variables as possible. The fixed custom CNC machining cost that must be noted is the number of cutting tools and blades required during the work. Although individual blades are usually not expensive, they wear out faster, which in turn requires sharpening or replacement to maintain high production quality of custom CNC machined parts. The skilled custom CNC machining production team should be able to add it to the quotation based on the characteristics of the material, including stiffness and tool type.







CNC machining machines can repeatedly customize precision cutting of more than a thousand pieces of CNC machining every day, which will have an impact on the cost of customized CNC machining. By controlling and distinguishing the hardness and strength of the product, working time and cost variables can be saved.



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