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How to improve the yield of anodized precision machined parts?

62   |   Published by VMT at Jul 30 2021

In recent years, people's requirements for metal precision machined parts have become higher and higher. While people are pursuing quality, they are also pursuing aesthetics. Therefore, metal precision machined parts surface treatment is essential.


No matter what material it is, it is inseparable from the processing process. It is a variety of surface treatment processes, such as metal precision machined parts shell surface treatment processes including sandblasting, electroplating, PVD, spraying, anodizing and so on. 


However, the yield problem has always plagued most people. Today I will talk to you about how to improve the yield of anodizing precision machined parts.



What is the yield rate of precision machined parts?


Yield rate refers to the ratio of the number of precision machined parts that finally pass the test to the theoretical production number of input materials on the production line. The number of good products that have gone through all the processes is the final yield.



Surface treatment yield of customized precision machined parts




How to improve the yield of anodized precision machined parts?


1. Cleaning: It needs to be cleaned before anodized, reduce bruises and bad stains after anodized.


2. Sandblasting: sandblasting one by one to avoid not comprehensive, placed one by one after sand blasting, and can not be stacked.


3. Oxidation: Control the time, in order to control the precision machined parts brightness and matt, to ensure the same color.


4. Coloring: When dyeing, swing the hanger at a constant speed to make the dyeing even and control the dyeing time.


5. Finish: When finished, you need to carefully remove the product to avoid scratches by the hanger.






The precision machined parts yield is the ratio of online production input to output. We need to pay attention to details and avoid unnecessary costs.VMT helps you select the ideal surface finish.






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