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Advantages and Applications of 5 Axis CNC Machining Milling Center

54   |   Published by VMT at Jul 23 2021

Before the emergence of 5 axis CNC machining milling technology, everyone used the traditional 3 axis linkage CNC machining. With the development of the times, the 5 axis CNC machining milling has gradually replaced the 3 axis CNC machining milling to become the mainstream. Below, we will take our VMT to lead everyone to understand the advantages of the next 5 axis CNC machining milling center.



The 3 axis linkage CNC machining equipment of traditional processing technology does not have the ability to process arbitrarily complex curved surfaces. Complex workpieces generally need to be processed in blocks, resulting in a long CNC machining time to complete complex workpieces and complex procedures, requiring the cooperation of multiple equipment and multiple personnel to complete. 

It has obvious shortcomings. The emergence of 5 axis linkage CNC machining milling technology provides a good solution for the rapid CNC machining of arbitrarily complex curved workpieces.



The 5 axis linkage CNC machining milling technology uses three linear motions and two rotational parallel motions to complete the CNC machining of any space surface. It has one-time clamping, multi-face automatic processing, complex surface forming at one time, and close integration. It has the advantages of CAD/CAM/CAPP, etc. It is a reliable guarantee in terms of CNC machining cycle and CNC machining quality.




5 axis cnc machining milling parts



Working principle of 5 axis linkage CNC machining milling



5 axis linkage CNC machining milling means that there are at least five coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotating coordinates) on a machine tool, and under the control of a computer numerical control (CNC) system, coordinates and processing can be performed at the same time. time. 

Use any 5 coordinates among X, Y, Z, A, B, and C for linear interpolation motion. Machine tools used for five-axis machining are usually called five-axis machine tools or 5 axis CNC machining milling centers.



Advantages of 5 axis CNC machining milling center



1) 5-axis CNC machining and milling can effectively avoid tool processing, and 3-axis CNC machining of complex parts that are difficult to process with milling cutters;


2) For the CNC machining of ruled surfaces, one-time forming can be achieved by side milling, with high processing quality and processing efficiency;



3) 5-axis CNC machining milling can realize one-time clamping, multi-face and multi-process CNC machining, which is easy to ensure product accuracy;


4) In 5-axis CNC machining milling, the tool has a good cutting state relative to the workpiece;


5) For channel CNC machining and composite curved surface transition area processing with limited CNC machining space, larger-sized tools can be selected for 5-axis CNC machining milling to avoid processing interference and have good tool rigidity.



5 axis cnc machining milling parts



5-axis CNC machining milling application


The 5-axis CNC machining milling center is suitable for complex, multi-process and high-precision requirements. It requires multiple types of ordinary machine tools and multiple tools and tooling. After many times of clamping and adjustment, the CNC machining of the appropriate batch of 5-axis CNC machining milling parts can be completed.



1. 5-axis CNC machining milling center and box parts


Box-shaped parts refer to parts with multiple holes and multiple cavities. There are many parts for machinery, automobiles, airplanes and other industries, such as car body knowledge, gasoline, car toy boxes, diesel generators, tire pumps, etc.


2. 5-axis CNC machining milling center and complex curved surface

In the fields of aerospace, automobiles, ships, national defense and other products, complex curved surfaces occupy a large proportion, such as impellers, propellers, and various curved surface forming molds.



3. 5-axis CNC machining milling center processing special-shaped parts


Special-shaped parts are CNC machining parts with irregular shapes, and most of them require multi-station mixed processing of points, lines, and surfaces, such as brackets, bases, templates, and profiling.

The rigidity of special-shaped parts is generally poor, the clamping pressure and cutting deformation are difficult to control, and the machining accuracy is difficult to guarantee. At this time, you can make full use of the 5-axis CNC machining milling characteristics of the machining center, reasonable process measures, one or two clamping, to complete multiple procedures or all CNC machining content.



4.5-axis CNC machining milling center for milling discs, sleeves and plates


Disc sleeves or shaft parts with key grooves, radial holes or distributed holes on the end and curved surface, as well as plate-shaped parts with a large number of holes, are suitable for 5-axis CNC machining milling center processing.

The parts with distributed holes and curved surfaces on the end surface should adopt a vertical 5-axis CNC machining milling center, and a horizontal machining center with radial holes can be selected.







The 5-axis linkage CNC machining milling has a higher precision than the traditional 3 axis linkage CNC machining milling, which solves the problem that the three-axis cannot process complex curved surfaces and is time-consuming and labor-intensive. There are reliable guarantees in the work cycle and CNC machining parts quality.




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