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How to overcome the difficulties encountered in CNC machining of large and small Aluminum Machined Parts in 2021?

46   |   Published by VMT at Jul 21 2021

The full name of CNC is "Computer numeric control", which refers to the computer digitization of precision machining, including CNC machining lathes, CNC machining boring and milling machines, and CNC machining milling machines. When we are processing the workpiece, we use high-speed computer-controlled tools to remove material from the solid workpiece and display the finished machined aluminum parts.



When switching between large and small machined aluminum parts, engineers can usually "set it and forget it", believing that they will receive precise, precise and repeatable parts every time. In addition, CNC machining is usually a cost-effective production method, with a wide range of compatible materials, which provides a high degree of creative flexibility for the product team.


large and small machined aluminum parts


The best way to machining very large or very small machined aluminum parts:    


Key considerations for CNC machined aluminum parts



Regardless of the size of the machined aluminum parts, CNC machining has two factors that all product teams must keep in mind-the geometry of the tool and the path of the tool. Most CNC tools, such as drills and end mills, are cylindrical and have a limited cutting length. During the machining process, the geometry of the tool is transferred to the machined part. Therefore, even if the tool itself is small, the inner corner of any CNC machined aluminum parts will have a radius due to the cylindrical tool.


The machined aluminum parts team must pay attention to this and try to avoid sharp internal corners in the design.If sharp corners are inevitable, there are some solutions, but they usually require additional tools, processes, and resources.


In addition, tool access is particularly important in CNC machined aluminum parts process.The tool approaches the workpiece from above, and the tool cannot approach any part of the workpiece from above.   Price reduction is an obvious exception to this rule, but they may not be the best choice for each use case.   The product team should target all the functions of its main mode to one of the six main directions, or use five-axis CNC machine tools to unlock higher machined aluminum parts clamping ability.




Some other common best practices for pain points in general CNC machined aluminum parts design include:



Place key functions on the same side of the machined aluminum parts to reduce settings.

Try to avoid depth functions


Fortunately, product teams usually only need to make some small adjustments to overcome these challenges. As long as the design is optimized for manufacturability, the parts should be suitable for CNC machining. To ensure accurate detection of small CNC machined aluminum parts, the team can carry a 3D microscope to magnify features and surface treatments.


When producing small CNC machined aluminum parts, CNC machining manufacturers should only use high-speed equipment, which makes it possible to use smaller drills and effectively enter the corners and gaps of the parts.    


large and small machined aluminum parts



Surface treatment of small and medium machined aluminum parts in CNC machining    


Although it is difficult for engineers to verify the quality of very small functions on already small machined aluminum parts, professional machines make this process easier.


Work with on-demand manufacturing partners to create better and smarter products. The use of CNC machining can produce high-quality CNC machined aluminum parts of various materials, sizes and shapes, but the product development team and mechanics should still pay attention to the size of the parts. Large machined aluminum parts can be bulky and difficult to machine, and it is difficult for engineers to verify the quality of very small features on already small parts.




Both the design and production stages can be adjusted to ensure the precise production of very small or very large machined aluminum parts. By designing for machinability from the beginning, and practicing the above-mentioned workspace during production, you can create incredible things-no matter how big or small.



How to solve the difficulties encountered when CNC machining large and small machined aluminum parts? If you want to know more, please come to our VMT official website for consultation. Of course, you can also send an email to our company mailbox for project consultation. We at VMT have 10 senior engineers to solve your current troubles, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to your next machined aluminum parts project.



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