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CNC Machining-Five Things You Must Know About CNC Machined Aluminum Prototype Parts

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CNC machining is run on a computer program. CNC machining can not only make prototypes, but also produce metal parts in large quantities. Because CNC machined aluminum parts are easy to process, they are widely used in most manufacturing industries.



In recent years, the application of cnc machined aluminum parts has increased significantly. Aluminum materials provide a certain degree of mechanical performance. There is a certain intensive production in the field of CNC auto parts and lightweight aluminum parts. Here are what you need to know about cnc machined 5 things about aluminum parts.





CNC machined aluminum prototype parts material characteristics:




Material characteristics: metal with light weight, easy processing, lack of magnetism, non-flammable, good electrical conductivity, durability and ductility.


Appearance: The color is mostly silver or gray, but different anodized surfaces can be made when different colors are needed.


Melting point: 640℃


Density: 2.68


Application areas: aerospace, medical industry, automobile manufacturing parts, etc.





CNC machining aluminum prototype parts:



Due to the high strength and low density of aluminum alloy, CNC machining of aluminum prototype parts is usually controlled within a tolerance of 0.01MM. But CNC machining machines can produce unique and high-quality CNC machined aluminum prototypes. CNC milling is the perfect choice because of its high precision and the advantages of milling aluminum. Aluminum prototype processing is usually produced according to various alloys, the most commonly used alloy is 6061-T6, which is suitable for electronics, transportation, aerospace, military and other industries.




CNC aluminum prototype machining parts:



CNC machining of aluminum parts can be broadly divided into CNC turning, milling and grinding services. Nowadays, well-machined CNC aluminum parts are becoming more and more popular in the engineering field. For example: medical machinery and equipment, precision parts, lamps, etc.




CNC Machined Aluminum Prototype Parts




How to avoid deformation in CNC aluminum prototype processing?



Since the texture of aluminum parts is relatively soft and easy to process, it is easy to deform when processing thin parts and thermal processing. In order to avoid material deformation, we will take the following measures:


1. To avoid the heat reaching the melting point of about 640°C, which will cause the performance of heat dissipation to be reduced and deformed, we can adopt symmetrical processing to increase the heat dissipation rate.


2. For processing the thinner cavity wall, it is easy to distort the cavity due to the softness of aluminum material. Therefore, multi-processing should be performed in layers, and all cavities should be processed in the same time period.





Setting of cutting parameters:



Regarding CNC machining of aluminum parts, the cutting data is determined by the speed and cutting force of the machine. In order to maintain efficiency, the amount of cutting depth affects the cutting parameters, we can adopt CNC milling to increase the machine speed and reduce the cutting force. To solve this problem.




Drilling and milling:


According to the type of CNC machining aluminum parts, we can have different machining methods. When the milling cutter is applied to the cavity and the part, the cutting is enough. To avoid the problems of cutting heat, expansion and deformation, the best way is to pre-drill the hole with a tool larger than the milling cutter, and then insert the milling cutter and the milling cutter.





Five-axis CNC machining aluminum parts



In five-axis machining, the CNC computer controls the five defects of CNC machinery and equipment with simultaneous cutting. It can ensure the processing speed of high-precision and complex parts, as well as the processing efficiency of the aspects. The advantages of its widespread adoption are as follows:


1. Maintain the best cutting condition of the tool, and the 5-axis CNC machining center can obtain better surface quality of CNC machined aluminum parts.


2. Effectively process complex parts, maintain high-precision parts, and reduce the cost of tool wear and damage.


3. Reduce the processing technology and the number of clamping times, you can use less clamping to complete more efficient and high-quality processing; less floor space and maintenance costs.


4. Simplify production management, improve work efficiency, realize complete processing, greatly shorten the production process chain of CNC machining aluminum parts, and simplify production management and planning and scheduling.


5. Shortening the development cycle of new products can well solve the problems of machining accuracy and cycle time encountered in the development of new products, greatly shorten the development cycle, and improve the success rate of new products.






The benefits of aluminum are obvious: excellent cutting technology, the best quality, and the demand for CNC machined aluminum parts is on the rise. As you already know about various CNC machining aluminum processes, not all parts are so easy to process. This requires the experience, accuracy and precision machining of the machinist.






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