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How does VMT use cold forging and CNC Machining to ensure quality and reduce costs by 50%?


Because the batch is only 300 sets, the customer wants to use CNC machining to produce it like a prototype. We found that many curved surfaces on the arrow should be completed in 3D during the review stage. After our Engineer was reviewed with DFM, we recommended that the customer analyze the cost of this project.


cnc machining Forging process arrow parts-1
cnc Machining prototype-1


Machining prototype


In order to better realize the customer's ideas, we adopted CNC machining to make prototypes.
Good cost control starts from receiving customer project review
A good way to control costs is to start with the project review. The most difficult part is the head. We use a 3D tool to complete the sample. It takes more than 2 hours. Without changing the customer’s material, our engineers decisively adopts cold forging and partial CNC machining so that the cost can be controlled from the beginning.
cold forging cnc machining
cold forging cnc machining parts

Machining methods and materials

After the cold forging products are treated with T6 heat treatment, we use CNC lathes to machine them according to the customer’s drawings.
Processing in this way also guarantees the same material as the customer's requirements. Our engineers have also considered using die-casting to produce, but because the die-casting material is ADC12, it does not meet the customer's requirements and the strength is lower than the customer's AL6061. For this reason we decisively denied this idea.
cold forging cnc machining parts-2

 Before polishing

In order to ensure that the product surface effect is good, and at the same time to meet customer requirements, we use polishing to improve product quality with a higher surface effect.
cold forging cnc machining parts Before polishing

 After polishing



cnc machining parts packaging inspection

Packaging inspection

cnc machining parts shipment and loading

Shipment and loading

cnc machining arrow parts-3

Customer Reviews

This 35-day project was perfectly completed and all delivered to the customer. The customer gave us affirmation and praise after inspecting the goods. I think all the efforts of our team are worth it!




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