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How to improve the accuracy of metal cnc machining milling parts?

24   |   Published by VMT at Jun 08 2021


In the field of  metal CNC machining milling parts, it is quite difficult to achieve 100% accuracy with the current level of technology. Machining accuracy actually refers to the precision, the accuracy of the parts produced after the hardware customization processing is completed, and the accuracy of the expected production parts. The smaller the tolerance, the higher the accuracy, the larger the tolerance, the worse the accuracy, and the greater the error. In actual hardware parts processing operations, it is basically impossible to achieve 100% accuracy and zero error. What we can do is to minimize the error, control the error within the controllable range, improve the accuracy as much as possible, reduce the error, and produce more precise products;


improve metal cnc machining milling parts accuracy



The main reasons for the large error and low precision of metal cnc machining and milling parts:


1. There are errors in metal cnc machining milling parts machine tools


The positioning errors in metal cnc machining milling parts are mainly divided into positioning sub-manufacturing errors and datum misalignment. The position of the locating sub-error part in the fixture depends on the fixture position of the component. The misalignment of the non-standard locator manufacturing and the reference leads to deviations in hardware products and affects the machining accuracy of the parts. If there is a deviation between the positioning reference and the design reference, it is difficult to judge the error through trial cutting. It is inevitable that there will be certain deviations in the machining of metal parts, but the size of the deviation directly affects the accuracy and quality of the metal cnc machining milling parts . The value between the positioning reference and the positioning manufacturing error is the positioning error value;


2. Positioning error


When using this method, the CNC machined machining parts occupy the correct position on the equipment, which is obtained through a series of attempts. The specific method is to directly clamp the hardware parts on the machine tool, use the dial gauge or the marking needle on the dial to correct the correct position of the parts by visual inspection, and make corrections while checking until it meets the requirements;


3. metal cnc machining milling parts the error of the tool or fixture


In the process of metal cnc machining milling parts, due to the different types of parts, there are many types of tools. The errors caused by tools of different geometric shapes in technical production are also different. The error of the tool depends on the geometry of the tool. If the tool accuracy of the fixed-length tool is directly related to the production accuracy of the part when machining the part, the error has a great influence on the cnc machined machining accuracy. In contrast, turning tools have a relatively small impact on equipment processing. The clamp is mainly used to fix the tool during the operation of the equipment. In order to improve the machining accuracy of hardware equipment, the requirements for fixture calibration and fixation are relatively high. For some lamps in special positions, the error will be greater. Therefore, the installation and commissioning of the equipment must be paid enough attention;



4. Errors caused by process differences


The metal cnc machining milling parts are prone to failure, cutting, transmission, power and other problems during the production process. In the machining process, it is easy to deform the parts due to improper operation, and then change the accurate position between the part and the tool. If there is an error in the part, the hardness and strength of the tool will directly affect the accuracy of the part. If the strength of the tool is too high, the part will be deformed because it cannot withstand the strong cutting force. The hardness of the tool and the type of tool directly affect the machined milling of the parts. If the outer turning tool with greater rigidity can withstand greater force and is not easily deformed, the error value is smaller and the accuracy is higher. The process error is mainly related to mechanics and is calculated according to the formula;


5. Metal cnc machining milling parts deformed by heat


In the process of metal cnc machining milling parts, due to constant friction and high-strength operation, parts are prone to thermal deformation during the production process. The thermal deformation of metal cnc machining milling parts affects the accuracy of parts processing and increases errors. This is also an important cause of errors caused by parts. When we process large and high-precision metal cnc machining milling parts, the impact will be more obvious. Parts are affected by a variety of factors during the processing, and the temperature will gradually rise. After the temperature rises, it will be because of the continuous transmission of the medium. Heat can cause fixtures, tools, and parts to heat up and physically react. When the heat accumulates to a certain extent, it will cause thermal deformation of certain parts of the machine tool, thereby affecting the machining accuracy of the hardware machine tool;



6. The influence of metal cnc machining milling parts equipment components



A normal working metal cnc machining milling parts equipment is composed of many parts, because the rigidity of each part is different in the degree of force. Due to the different division of labor during operation of equipment components, the requirements for rigidity are also different. Some parts need to increase rigidity due to relatively large forces. Some components are less stressed and require particularly low stiffness. Due to the different division of labor of machine tool parts, it is difficult to unify the rigidity requirements of equipment parts, which also leads to the lack of a complete calculation method for the budget. Secondly, process errors can also cause certain errors. The process error is mainly caused by the difference of the parts and the difference of the cutting force. Due to the processing difference during the operation, it is easy to cause deformation. The produced parts will have relatively large errors and cannot be calculated by calculation methods;



Methods to improve the metal cnc machining milling parts accuracy of metal parts

1. Improve the accuracy of machine tools


To improve the machined machining accuracy of metal parts, the accuracy of the machine itself must first be improved. In order to improve the accuracy of the machine tool itself, a suitable installation machine tool should be selected in strict accordance with the production standards. In the process of installation and commissioning, attention should be paid to the accurate positions of tools, fixtures and other components. The accuracy of tools and fixtures is very important. Then, when the metal parts are not in the processing process, the force of the hardware machining equipment during the processing should be strictly controlled to minimize the deformation of the parts due to wear, heat, internal stress and rigidity. Finally, in the process of metal cnc machining milling parts, the error value of the equipment should be recorded, the main reason for the error should be analyzed, and the corresponding maintenance plan should be made according to the reason. The equipment should be overhauled regularly, and the worn parts should be replaced in time to improve accuracy and reduce errors;



2. Grouping method


In order to improve the production accuracy of the metal cnc machining milling parts, we can take the method of differentiating the original error, according to the process, according to the different processing types, the machining records of the parts, divide the parts into groups such as semi-finished products and blanks, and then adjust according to the actual situation. Tool, find the smallest error value, and process according to the preset standard of the part to reduce the error. We can also adjust the standard value and the error value to narrow the gap through repeated machining of the part;


3. Error compensation method


Mistakes are inevitable. We can compensate and correct errors to reduce errors. Error compensation means to compensate for the errors in the operation of metal cnc machining milling parts equipment by creating some human errors, and to reduce some of the original errors by offsetting the errors to improve accuracy. Through the error compensation of the errors in the production of the integrated metal parts cnc machined machining equipment, the production accuracy of the parts can be improved;


It can be seen from the above analysis that with the continuous advancement of technology, the competition in the hardware machined industry will become greater and greater. In the process of machining, although errors cannot be avoided, further research and practical application are still needed. Improve metal cnc machining milling parts technology, reduce errors, thereby improve the production accuracy of parts, and help the development of scientific and technological life.



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