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Causes and Solutions of Trachoma and Holes on the Surface of Aluminum CNC Machining Parts

317   |   Published by VMT at Jun 22 2021









After sandblasting and oxidation of aluminum CNC machining parts, trachoma and holes will appear on the surface, which will seriously affect the surface texture of the product. This is a frequent problem in the industry, which has a great impact on customers, and also seriously affects customers' brands and delivery dates!





aluminum parts machining trachoma





VMT is a professional custom aluminum parts machining factory for hardware accessories. In response to the above-mentioned unfavorable pain points, we convened engineers to analyze the main reasons and solutions as follows:




Aluminum parts CNC machining are processed by CNC machining center. During the processing, there are factors that cause trachoma, such as materials, cutting fluids, turnover boxes, storage environment, acid used for cleaning in oxidation plants, salt values, etc.



The cutting tool is generally made of hard alloy material, which has high speed, high CNC machining thread milling accuracy and high processing efficiency;




Material: When the material is convenient, be sure to use a brand new aluminum parts machining processing standard material. We cannot use suppliers to add recycled materials to reduce costs, This can cause trachoma. Therefore, it is very important to choose a supplier when purchasing raw materials. Try to choose long-term suppliers to cooperate with major manufacturers.




Cutting fluid: The cutting fluid has good heat dissipation and lubrication effects during the machining process. Generally speaking, cutting fluids will contain some alkaline components. It happens that this salt-containing component will corrode the surface of the aluminum, causing sand holes. Therefore, the cutting fluid must contain more water, control the PH value, and protect the surface of the aluminum parts machining




Turnover box: As some unknown liquids will remain on the surface of the aluminum parts machining processing during the turnover process, including cutting fluid residues, parts that have not undergone surface treatment for a long time will severely corrode the surface and cause sand holes. The turnover box needs to be cleaned and updated regularly.




Storage environment: If the aluminum parts machining are stored in a high acid and high salt environment for more than a week, there must be sand holes on the surface because the surface has been corroded, such as the environment of the electroplating plant, the oxidation plant itself, and so on.




Aluminum pressure cast is a pressure casting aluminum alloy portion. The heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy was poured into the die casting machine feed port for die casting, cast aluminum component or aluminum parts machining processing, made of mold, which is generally referred to as aluminum die casting.Such as aluminum die castings, die-cast aluminum components.




Since the aluminum alloy has good fluidity and plasticity, casting in a die casting machine, aluminum die casting can CNC machining processing a variety of complex shapes, which can produce higher precision and surface. To a large extent, castings and metal aluminum or aluminum alloys are large, but also saved electricity, metal materials, saving labor costs; therefore, aluminum pressure castings are widely used in automotive manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle Car manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instrument, garden landscape, electrical architecture, architectural decoration and other industries. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity, highly processability, controlled these conditions to ensure high quality aluminum alloys CNC machining parts .






Sand eye problem during number control CNC machining processing in aluminum alloy, with the following reasons:




1. In order to ensure the quality of aluminum alloy refining and degassing, select a good refining agent, reduce the gas content in the aluminum water, remove the liquid level, and prevent the gas from entering the gas mold.



2. Choose a good release agent. The selected release agent should not generate gas during die-casting, and has good release performance;



3. Ensure that the mold exhaust is smooth and not blocked, and the exhaust is smooth to ensure that the gas in the mold is completely discharged, especially the exhaust channel must be unblocked when the aluminum liquid is finally polymerized;



4. Adjust the die-casting parameters, and the filling speed should not be too fast to prevent air entrainment;



5. Pay attention to the use of core-pulling cooling in aluminum parts machining processing design and mold design to minimize the shortcomings of excessive wall difference;



6. The mold and design should be improved in the position where air holes often appear.





To sum up, in the die-casting industry, if the above six measures are implemented, the pore rejection rate of aluminum alloy die-casting products can be reduced, thereby increasing the qualified rate of the products.





Welcome everyone to participate in the exploration to make aluminum CNC parts machining more efficient and reduce the occurrence of bad trachoma!







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