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What are the techniques to reduce the deformation of cnc machined machining turning aluminum parts?

76   |   Published by VMT at Jun 11 2021


Before that, we shared the measures for aluminum CNC machining and deformation. Today, I will take a look at VMT custom metal parts machining company. What are the techniques to reduce the deformation of aluminum parts?

cnc machined machining turning aluminum parts



1. For parts with a large machining allowance, in order to have better heat dissipation conditions during cnc machined machining turning aluminum parts, heat concentration should be avoided. Symmetrical processing is recommended during processing. For example, a piece of material with a thickness of 90mm needs to be processed to 60mm. If one side is cleaned up, the other side is milled immediately, and the final size is CNC machined at one time, and the flatness can reach 5mm. If repeated feeding is used for symmetrical machining, each side is processed twice to the final size. Ensure that the flatness reaches 0.3mm;


2. Pay attention to the cutting sequence. Rough machining emphasizes the improvement of processing efficiency and pursues the removal rate per unit time. Generally, reverse order is adopted, that is, the quickest time to take out the blanks and the shortest time. The surface of the material basically forms the geometric contour required for precision machining, and precision machining emphasizes the quality of high-precision cnc machined machining turning aluminum parts. It is recommended to use down milling, because the cutting thickness of the cutter teeth is from the largest casting to zero during down milling, the degree of machining hardness is also greatly reduced, and the degree of deformation of the parts is reduced;


3. If there are multiple cavities on the board, it is not advisable to use the one-cavity one-cavity machining method for processing arrangement. This will easily cause the parts to be deformed due to uneven force. In multi-layer processing, each layer is machined to all cavities at the same time as much as possible, and then the next layer is processed to make the parts receive uniform force and reduce the probability of deformation;

4. CNC machined machining turning aluminum thin-walled parts deform due to clamping during processing. Even precision CNC machining is inevitable. In order to minimize the deformation of the part, the compressed part can be loosened before the precision machining reaches the final size. Let the parts return to their original state naturally, and then slightly compress them according to the newly processed workpieces. This requires hand feel to obtain the ideal processing effect. In summary, the point of action of the clamping force is best supported above the surface, and the clamping force should act in the direction of good rigidity of the part. When the parts are not loose, the clamping force should be as small as possible;


5. Reduce cutting force and cutting heat by changing the cutting amount. Among the three elements of cutting volume, post-cutting volume has a great influence on cutting force. If the machining allowance is too large, the cutting force of one pass is too large, which will not only deform the parts, but also affect the rigidity of the machine tool spindle and reduce the durability of the tool. It is assumed that reducing the amount of retreat will significantly reduce production efficiency, but high-speed milling is used in CNC machined machining turning aluminum parts. This problem can be overcome. While reducing the amount of back grabbing, it is only necessary to increase the feed rate accordingly, increase the equipment speed, reduce the cutting force, and at the same time ensure the processing efficiency;

6. When machining parts with Qin cavity, try not to let the milling cutter directly insert the part like a drill when machining the cavity, which will cause insufficient chip capacity of the milling cutter, poor chip evacuation, overheating, expansion, tool collapse and tool breakage, etc. , First use a drill of the same size as the milling cutter or one size larger to drill, and then mill with a milling cutter, or use software to generate a rotating processing program;


The main factor that affects the CNC machined machining turning accuracy and surface quality of aluminum parts is the deformation that occurs during the machining of the parts. This requires the operator to have certain experience and skills. I hope this article can be helpful to you. The above are the tips to reduce the deformation of aluminum parts.


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