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How to Choose a CNC Small Batch Prototype Machining Factory in China?

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There are many small batches of prototype machining methods, such as CNC machining, simple molds made of silicone, and 3D printing. Look at the needs of customers. For CNC small batch prototype machining, we must first choose a suitable CNC prototype machining factory. There are many professional CNC machining factories in China, but they are not the same in scale. So in the face of many CNC prototyping factories, how do we choose?





CNC small batch prototype machining plant in China




The existence of CNC prototype machining is to verify whether the structure, function and appearance of the developed product can meet the design input. This is a fast DVT verification method that is both fast and low-cost.






Therefore, the Prerequisites for a Qualified Small Batch Prototype Machining factory are:




1. Fast delivery. In order to meet this requirement, the prototype CNC machining factory must have complete CNC machining factory equipment, and all manufacturing processes can be completed in the CNC machining factory.



2. The ability to design optimization. According to CNC machining technology, we can reduce the time cost of structural optimization for customers and provide solutions for customers.



3. The quality is stable and the price is cheap. In order to achieve these two points, the team and the quality system must participate together. This is a prerequisite for finding a professional prototype CNC machining factory.A good prototype CNC machining factory can ensure the accuracy and quality of the CNC machined parts structure while ensuring the exquisite appearance of the product. Therefore, merchants must carefully consider when choosing a prototype CNC machining factory.




According to the fineness of CNC cutting, it is very important to choose font size and pattern size. Choose a Sans-Serif font (no decorations that are difficult to cut), and a font size of at least 20. Soft metals may shrink slightly.







CNC Small Batch Prototype Machining Will go Through the Following Stages:







Rough machining needs to remove the machining allowance on the surface, so that the shape and size of the rough embryo are close to the finished product. It is characterized by the use of high-power machine tools and large cutting applications.








Semi-precision machining is the finishing of the unfinished surface and preparation for surface finishing.









Finishing is to ensure that the appearance meets the machining accuracy required by the drawings.





It should be pointed out that the processing cycle refers to the entire process of parts processing, which cannot be judged by processing a certain appearance or the nature of a certain process. At the same time, it is not absolute in application. For heavier parts and parts with small margins and low precision, the rough machining and finishing of the appearance can be completed after one clamping.




Many customers will choose the wrong CNC small batch prototype machining factory. First of all, the price is cheap. It is recommended to first consider the professionalism of prototype machining factory, such as professional CNC machining small batch prototype machining factory, 3D printing prototype machining factory and plastic complex mold prototype machining factory. They are different in nature.





Finding a professional CNC machining factory is the fastest. Stable quality is the prerequisite. Another selection condition is that the factory is a team, not a trading company with only a few people, because only teamwork is the basis for quality and delivery.








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