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How does CNC machining factory use high-gloss tools for milling machining?

84   |   Published by VMT at Jun 17 2021


In the process of CNC milling machining, the surface finish of many parts is affected by factors such as material hardness, cutting tools, machine tool feed, and cutting fluid. Below, we conduct research on tools to help our customers improve the surface quality of parts.


Not all materials can be milled with high-gloss tools. Generally, high-gloss milling machining cutters can be used to machining aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other materials. The wear of high-gloss cutters varies with the machining of various materials.


CNC milling machining



What is the principle of highlight milling machining?


High-gloss milling machining actually uses the sharpness and high hardness of diamond tools to produce an extremely smooth surface during the machining process, and the chips are easy to remove during high-gloss cutting, and the chips will not accumulate on the cutting edge during cutting, which can ensure a bright cutting surface .

Highlight milling is a strict post-machining. After high-gloss milling machining, the parts have high gloss, thick and thin knife lines, and use the principle of refraction to enhance the decorative effect.



2、Introduction to Highlight Milling


High-gloss milling is a process of using CNC machine tools for rapid milling machining to produce high-gloss surfaces for decorative parts such as signs. During the cutting process, heat will produce an oxide film on the aluminum surface to protect the machined surface and keep it bright for a long time.


CNC Milling machining on the edges, embossing and other areas of aluminum parts. The usual effect is bright edge (C angle), bright surface, CD texture. CNC highlight milling machining is to use Valin super hard diamond tools to strengthen the high-speed rotation of the precision engraving machine (usually 20,000 rpm) to mill parts, forming a local highlight area on the surface of the workpiece. The brightness of the cutting highlights is affected by the speed of the milling drill. The faster the drill speed, the brighter. Conversely, the darker the color, the easier it is to produce knife marks. High-gloss milling is particularly suitable for machining mobile phone frame shells, such as iphone5. In recent years, some high-end TV metal frames have adopted high-gloss milling machining, coupled with anodizing and wire drawing processes, making the TV as a whole full of fashion and technology.


3. Features of high-gloss milling machining:



(1) High-light CNC milling machining processing equipment: Jingdiao machine (small CNC system)


(2) The principle of highlight milling machining: the natural diamond blade is clamped and fixed on the spindle of the engraving machine to rotate at high speed (usually 20,000 rpm) to perform CNC milling machining of the parts, and the tool follows the fixed movement set by the program.

(3) Suitable for high-gloss milling machining materials: aluminum, copper, stainless steel.


(4) The difference between machining different materials:


When precision-carved CNC milling machining aluminum, the brightness is the brightest and the wear on the tool is the least;


When precision-carved aluminum, the brightness is the brightest and the tool wear is the least;


When the precision carving machine is milling machining copper, its brightness is relatively bright, followed by tool wear;


When stainless steel is processed by engraving and milling machining, the brightness is relatively dark, and the wear on the tool is the greatest.


(5) In addition, in addition to highlight (chamfering), the engraving machine can also be used for gong characters and 3D curved surfaces.


(6) The machining blade angles are 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 130°, 140, 160°, etc.


The highlight effect is due to the use of diamond tools, which is a standard configuration in the CNC highlight machining industry. Turning, milling machining, drilling and reaming are all common methods of cutting aluminum alloys. According to different processing methods and processing conditions, choose different tool geometries.


CNC turning milling machining is the basic processing method. Generally, diamond material machines are used to clamp turning blades, grooving blades, chip breaker blades, non-standard welded diamond turning tools, etc.Using PCD tools for fine CNC turning aluminum table gold roughness can reach Ra 0.4 .


You are welcome to raise your pain points or problems? We will explore and show together to help more people improve the surface finish of milled parts!

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