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cnc machining mechanical keyboard case

85   |   Published by Jimmy at Mar 12 2021



The mechanical keyboard case is something that everyone uses every day. A good aluminum mechanical keyboard case can improve office efficiency and operating comfort, and aluminum mechanical keyboards have also been recognized by many people. With the improvement of consumption power, the aluminum mechanical keyboard has a good input experience and is liked by everyone, and it is a good choice for gamers.


custom mechanical keyboard case



Logitech released the K835cnc aluminum mechanical keyboard in 2020: aluminum mechanical keyboard case, 84 keys

This mechanical keyboard shell has 4 combination shafts: "black + red shaft", "white + red shaft", "black + green shaft", and "white + green shaft", which can be used for office and games.

Logitech K835 mechanical keyboard shell has two color options, using aluminum shell and 84-key floating keys. The compact mechanical keyboard shell has become the standard configuration of the current simple desktop style. Logitech K835's 84-key aluminum mechanical keyboard shell saves keys surface space. The appearance is anodized. The top cover and keycaps are made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other materials. The key shaft has been tested and can withstand more than 50 million knocks and is durable.


It also contains 12 dual-function shortcut keys, which can quickly access media and shortcut operations, effectively improving the space utilization rate of the mechanical keyboard.

In addition, the aluminum mechanical keyboard also adopts a new design, adjustable angle, combined with curved keycaps, slim front end and inclined keys, to adapt to the natural typing posture of the human body. The additional feet provide 4°-8° tilt to achieve free switching of input angles.


Logitech was established in 1981 and currently owns Logitech, Logitech G, Jaybird, Ultimate Ears, Astro Gaming and other brands. Its business involves production and creativity, e-sports games, video creation, music and smart home. At that time, the price was only RMB299, and as soon as it was sold, it was favored by many gamers.


Now, GH60  GK61 , DIY  TKL , 65 mechanical keyboard case is common design, the aluminum custom cnc machining mechanical keyboard shell has entered the next craze. The mechanical keyboard is no longer synonymous with "expensive". With the popularity of mechanical keyboards, there are various ways to play mechanical keyboards. Some specialize in hardware customization cnc processing. Supplier, custom-processed aluminum mechanical keyboard shell and keycaps are assembled by themselves. VMT is a professional cnc machining supplier manufacturer factory. If you are interested, you can come to VMT to customize and process your own mechanical keyboard shell.



custom mechanical keyboard case





Nowadays, mechanical keyboard shells have entered the next craze. Mechanical keyboards are no longer synonymous with "expensive". With the popularity of mechanical keyboards, mechanical keyboards have a variety of ways to play. Some of them specialize in custom hardware processing suppliers. Add mechanical keyboard shell and keycaps to assemble and modify by yourself. VMT is a professional manufacturer of customized precision hardware. If you are interested, you can come to VMT to customize and process your own mechanical keyboard case.



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