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How Much do you Know About the Basics of Mass Custom of Automatic Lathe Parts?

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Custom automatic lathe parts are one of the indispensable parts of our lives, such as screw processing, brass nuts, etc. This article is about your basic knowledge of mass custom of automatic lathe parts.






The working principle of precision custom automatic lathe parts




The CNC tool used in automatic lathe machining is a fully automatic lathe tool. The milling cutter is mainly used to repair the outer circle, show the rounding, disconnect the function, and hook the groove. The previous fully automatic lathe tool has a feature, that is, everything is one All the knives must be sharpened and shaped by professional and technical personnel.

Nowadays, CNC tools are gradually becoming more automatic. Combined milling cutters are a type of production of customized automatic lathe parts, that is to say, the milling of upper cutters. Knives and knife pellets can be done at one time without sharpening.




custom automatic lathe machining parts




Features of customized automatic lathe parts




1. Mass customization of automatic lathe parts is required to be suitable for automatic lathe machining.



2. The product structure of customized automatic lathe parts should be suitable for automatic feeding and processing.



3. Whether the materials of customized automatic lathe parts are suitable for automatic processing. Generally, brass, zinc alloy, ordinary carbon steel and other materials have better processing performance and less wear on tools, so they are more suitable for automatic lathe machining.

However, custom-made automatic lathe parts with poor machining performance such as high-speed steel and stainless steel are more difficult to machine, and the tools are severely worn during processing, or the discharge of materials such as copper is more troublesome during processing. Some other steels are more severely hardened and not suitable. Automatic lathe for fully automatic processing. 



4. Customize whether the diameter, length, and processing technology of automatic lathe parts are suitable for automatic lathe machining. 









Automatic lathes are suitable for small parts machining, not all materials are suitable for custom automatic lathe machining parts. Therefore, the parts processed by automatic lathes that you need to pay attention to are more precise, so the quality of the left drill is generally the middle and high-end left drill.




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