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Detailed Explanation of the Etching Process of CNC Aluminum Machining Parts with Surface Texture Close to the Appearance of Apple Mobile Phones

35   |   Published by VMT at Oct 15 2021




CNC aluminum machining parts with high surface texture requirements include: audio panels, electronic cigarette casings, nameplates LOG, watch casings, etc. However, most of the etching processes used in the industry are on the surface of stainless steel, copper, and titanium alloy materials, but few people try to use the surface of aluminum alloy materials, because the chemicals in the etching process themselves are a kind of great damage to the parts.




VMT CNC machining manufacturers not only challenge the etching process of aluminum alloy materials, but also challenge the three-color oxidized CNC aluminum machining and etching parts, which is a very difficult task. At the same time, it is also a very meaningful work, because it can meet the needs of many personalized parts, and has accumulated rich experience for us. The following types of investigations provide guidance for the industry and reduce the cost of trial and error.





Etching Process of CNC Aluminum Machining Parts




1. Distinguish the experience of CNC aluminum machining parts


The etching factory distinguishes between professional stainless steel and titanium alloy parts from the processing experience. We must choose a professional manufacturer of CNC aluminum machiningparts.




2. Shape differentiation of CNC aluminum machining parts


Differentiating from the shape of the parts, making flat parts and making round parts, because the respective equipment is completely different, the quality and yield rate are also different.




3. Ensure the depth and surface effect of etching


In order to ensure the etching depth and surface effect of CNC aluminum machining parts, there are strict requirements for the concentration ratio of chemicals, and the uniform movement of the equipment is also a factor that affects the quality.




4. Protect the surface of CNC aluminum machining parts from being affected


As the surface of CNC aluminum machining parts is not affected by chemicals, we will use electrophoresis on the surface to contact the surface with insulating liquid. The surface and cleaning method of this electrophoresis also directly affect the quality of the surface.









VMT has explored many ways, fully mastered the surface etching technology of CNC aluminum machining parts, and strived to create value for the machining and manufacturing industry.







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