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6 Packaging Methods for Metals CNC Milling Parts

222   |   Published by VMT at Aug 11 2021

Our conventional precision metal CNC milling parts is to use lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, polishing and other processes to process various high-precision metal CNC milling parts, such as mechanical keyboard shells and keycaps in the electronics industry, oil cooling and motor shafts in the automotive industry , Model car parts, etc., each hardware part needs to go through many processing procedures in order to meet the customer's customized machining requirements.



After each metal CNC milled part is produced, if the packaging material is not selected well, the yield of the metal milled part will decrease, so it is very important to choose the right packaging material. VMT summarizes 6 common packaging materials for metal CNC milling parts.




There are 6 kinds of packaging we commonly use:



1. Plastic net cover

2. Bubble bag

3. Pearl cotton

4. Blister box

5. Tape

6. Paper products



Metal CNC Milling Parts Packaging




What kind of metal CNC milling parts packaging method is safer and more suitable for packaging and transportation?




Since collisions are unavoidable during transportation, packaging materials with particularly good buffering capacity are required to reduce unnecessary losses during transportation.

Regarding friction-related issues, if they are not spaced apart, they will collide and cause friction during handling or transportation. After our metal CNC milling parts are produced, in order to prevent this phenomenon, we will use pearl cotton gaskets to separate them to play a blocking role.



Of course, in terms of appearance, if metal CNC milling parts are not packaged, they will look dirty and black. Therefore, in order to ensure the appearance of metal CNC milling parts, we will adopt the pearl cotton wrapping or pearl cotton tube inlay method, which not only protects the appearance of cleanliness, but also plays a role of shockproof and drop-proof during transportation.




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