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What are the main factors for the difference in the price of parts in CNC machining factories?

23   |   Published by VMT at May 25 2021





We all know that if you want to buy something, you must first understand the price of the product, and also find several CNC machining factory to compare prices, and see if the quality meets your own standards. What factors affect the price of parts in CNC machining factory? Can these factors be avoided?




Different materials, surface treatments, and processing requirements are all factors that affect the prices of CNC machining parts manufacturers.





The main factors affecting the price of parts in CNC machining factories are:



1. Materials. Choose the quality and price of the material according to the customer's requirements, and see if you can save the cost of the material;


2. Make the processing technology. Compile the processing program according to the requirements of the drawings, control the spindle speed, shorten the processing time, reduce the processing procedures, and improve the efficiency;


3. Quality control. If the quality control is not good, many products will be scrapped, which greatly increases the cost budget. The main method of quality control is to check the size of each process to ensure that the product standards meet the requirements of the drawings;


4. Surface treatment.






Different surface treatment


See here

 Same design,same color but differernt price,Do you know why?


See the surface carefully.

They are different. The left have

textureline, If will make your product not beautiful,right?


Why is the surface so different?

The material is not completely same, the making peocessing is different.





Regarding the above considerations, in fact, if you can arrange for special control, your efficiency will be greatly improved. Moreover, the price of CNC machining in Dongguan can be controlled in time and the specific price difference details can be analyzed in detail. Therefore, when you choose, you should make sure that you know all of these and there will be no wrong choices.





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