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What Cutting Fluid Can Be Used For Anodized Aluminum CNC Machining Parts?

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Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of low physical density, good flexibility, and high plasticity, but its strength is higher, which is close to or exceeds that of high-quality steel. In the CNC cutting process, adhesion will occur, and chips will be formed on the tool. Welding occurs on the cutting edge, so that the tool loses its cutting ability and affects the cutting performance of the tool. Precision and surface roughness of aluminum CNC machining parts. The chemical properties of aluminum alloys are prone to oxidation reactions in the air, resulting in oxidation and blackening of the surface of aluminum CNC machined parts, and even pitting corrosion.



Therefore, aluminum alloy cutting fluid is different from ordinary cutting fluid. According to different CNC machining conditions and CNC machining accuracy requirements, how to choose the right aluminum alloy cutting fluid is very necessary.






What is cutting fluid?



Cutting fluid, also known as cutting oil or cutting fluid, is a coolant and lubricant used for CNC machining of metals, including oil, oil-water emulsion, mud, gel, aerosol (fog), air or other gases. Aluminum is a common CNC machining material with CNC machining characteristics, and there is a great demand for aluminum cutting fluid.






Type of cutting fluid



1. Water-soluble cutting fluid


Its main ingredient is water. Since the thermal conductivity of water is three times that of oil, its cooling performance is very good. Adding a certain amount of anti-rust agent can also play a role in lubrication and anti-rust.






2. Emulsion


(1) Ordinary emulsion: It is composed of rust inhibitor, emulsifier and mineral oil. It has good cooling, cleaning, lubricating performance and anti-rust performance.


(2) Anti-rust emulsion: Add a large amount of anti-rust agent to ordinary emulsion, which is used in areas with strict anti-rust technology and humid climate.


(3) Extreme pressure emulsion: Add sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and other extreme pressure additives in the cutting process to form an adsorption film under high temperature and high pressure for lubrication.






3. Cutting oil



(1) Mineral oil: suitable for general lubricating oil, diesel, kerosene, etc.


(2) Animal and plant compound oils: soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, castor oil, lard, etc.


(3) Extreme pressure cutting oil: use mineral oil, additives, extreme pressure additives and rust inhibitors as raw materials.


Other metal cutting fluids, including slurry, gel, aerosol (fog), air or other gases.







Aluminum CNC Machining Parts




How to choose the cutting fluid for oxidizing aluminum CNC machining parts?





1. The pH value of aluminum alloy cutting fluid should not be too high, and should be between 8.0 and 8.5.



2. Has good cleaning ability.



3. The formed chips can be taken out from the cutting area.



4. Excellent cooling performance ensures the shape, size and precision of CNC machining aluminum parts.



5. Aluminum alloy cutting fluid should have good lubrication and anti-friction performance, improve the smoothness and precision of the tool, and extend the service life of the tool.



6. The added rust inhibitor needs to have the ability to inhibit corrosion and maintain a stable pH value. Choose rust inhibitors that can form a protective film on the surface of aluminum CNC machined parts, such as phosphate, sodium silicate, etc., for better results.



7. Excellent corrosion resistance, extremely sensitive aluminum will not produce corrosion spots.



8. Suitable for water treatment of various hardness and aluminum alloy.



9. Good biological stability, long service life, and not easy to produce peculiar smell.



10. Environmental protection. Aluminum cutting fluid does not contain sulfur, chlorine and nitrite and is harmless to the human body.






The best aluminum cutting fluid



Aluminum cutting fluids generally need to have good lubricity, cleanliness, rust resistance and cooling performance. Recommended cutting oils for different CNC machining processes:



The best cutting fluid for turning aluminum: soluble oil



The best cutting fluid for grinding aluminum: soluble oil, lard or mineral oil



The best cutting fluid for aluminum drills: soluble oil, kerosene or lard



The best cutting fluid for threaded aluminum: soluble oil, kerosene or lard



Best aluminum cutting fluid: soluble oil, kerosene or mineral oil





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