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CNC Precision Machining of Various 3D Printer Parts



The 3D printing rigid clamping coupling part is a device that connects two shafts or a shaft and a rotating part, and rotates together in the process of transmitting motion and power. Under normal circumstances, it will not disengage. Shaft coupling parts can be processed with a variety of metal materials.



CNC precision machining of various 3D printer parts




Project Background:


The 3D printing rigid clamping coupling part are made of aluminum, which has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and good work hardening. After CNC precision numerical control machining, drilling, wire cutting, surface treatment and other machining techniques, and through three-coordinate inspection to meet the technical requirements, it will be sent to customers for assembly, maintaining technical support for customer parts.

3D printing rigid clamping coupling parts


VMT has 11 years of experience in precision parts machining machined. With the conditions and strong advantages for the development and mass production of high-tech precision products, it can meet the production needs of users for various 3D printer parts.



Final case:


The 3D printing rigid clamping coupling part process development of this project has been repeatedly verified by customers, and the defective assembly rate is within 3%。The structure and appearance exceed the original requirements of the customer, which increases the customer's delivery volume and saves the cost of customized machining parts.




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