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CNC Machining: The Importance of DFM to CNC Machining

41   |   Published by VMT at Nov 08 2021




VMT works with customers during the design process to help achieve optimal functionality and aesthetics while reducing costs. Planning the mahcining method, while at the forefront of manufacturing design and assembly design for CNC machining parts.



Design for Numerical Control Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) are the integration of product design and process design into a common activity. Our goal is to design a simple and economical product.



Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is important because it involves the process of creating the product and the product itself. Design affects every step of production, from cost to time, and finally to customer satisfaction. Anyone who wants to bring a new product to market needs to cooperate with a company with a DFM focus.




The reason why manufacturing design is important is not so much to cover up its various benefits, as it is because it knows what can go wrong. When an inventor fails to design from a manufacturing perspective, they may encounter many problems, including:



A process without processing efficiency


Fatal flaws in design


Constantly expanding cost of CNC machining




CNC Machining The Importance of DFM to CNC Machining




What is CNC machining and manufacturing design?




Design for CNC Manufacturing (DFM) simply means designing products in a simple and inexpensive way. It has been widely used in CNC machining, but it can not only minimize the error of CNC machining. DFM includes every part of production, these parts ensure that the product will not make mistakes, but the production cost is very low. It takes into account five principles: process, design, material environment, and compliance/testing in the design phase to ensure such results.




Why is DFM important in CNC machining?



The process of creating a product is as important as the product itself. However, if this process is not considered in the design stage of CNC machining, it is difficult to establish standardization. The creator must remember that the factory-level workers do not have a deep understanding of how to solve the problems in the design process. They will follow a blueprint, which is one of the most important factors in determining the outcome. For CNC machining parts, the geometric tolerances of features must be made. The higher the tolerance requirements, the higher the cost of the parts to the CNC machine tool. When designing, specify the loosest tolerance, which will serve the function of the component. Tolerances must be specified based on characteristics. There are some creative ways to design parts with lower tolerances, and the performance of these parts is still as good as the parts with higher tolerances. If there is no manufacturing design, production will go back and forth to judge product quality, because there is no means to judge before production. However, by using DFM to properly verify the design, you can eliminate errors, save costs, and reduce the time required to produce and deliver products to customers.


Since CNC machining is a subtractive machining process, the time to remove material is the main factor that determines the cost of part machining. The volume, shape and details of the removed material and the feed rate of the tool will determine the CNC machining time. The seemingly simple functions can greatly increase the processing cost of parts. For example, when a small corner radius is shouting at an intersection, and the radius is at the outer corner instead of chamfering and undercutting, it may increase the cycle time for a long time, which may not be necessary.


When the creators are not using the DFM process, they are setting themselves up for scope crawling. It may take longer to create products that consume budgets and may put dangerous things in the hands of consumers. Instead, the creator must be prepared to work with a partner who sees the design process as a small part of a much larger picture.


Manufacturing design helps to improve the manufacturing level of CNC machined products. CNC machining is a machining process known for its high quality and high reliability. With DFM, you can improve these properties. This article introduces CNC machining and DFM, why it is important, and some tips that can help you improve your production efficiency.





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