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About the treatment of fine lines after CNC precision turned and milling parts manufacturer




Case: There are stripes on the surface of the gang tool fine turning rod diameter, the number of revolutions is 2000, the feed is 0.08, and the margin is I tried them all, it's all the same.


CNC precision turned and milling parts manufacturer-1


Preliminary analysis of the reasons: 

1. The main shaft bearing is damaged, and the Z-axis ball screw may also be damaged. 

2. The spindle chuck vibrates. 

3. d0P caused by excessive roughing allowance, ellipse or excessive jump, and uneven allowance.


CNC precision turned and milling parts manufacturer-1


The specific judgment is as follows and needs to be excluded.


1. The general rule is:CNC precision turned and milling parts horizontal stripes appear.

2. The horizontal line is not visible on the picture. With this feeling, you should find the problem, zoom in and you can see the horizontal line, but it is not important.


3. Feed 0.08. As far as I know, the single-sided knife is 0.04 which is a bit small.


4. The CNC precision turned and milling parts picture looks like a spiral pattern with large spacing. I think this pattern is normal, but the spacing is large. Try to reduce the feed, or try to use a wider blade. But no matter how wide the blade is, horizontal lines will appear.


Fifth, consider whether it is primary CNC turned machining or secondary finishing. If it is a machine problem, the entire surface of the part will be there. If secondary finishing occurs, please check whether it is the cause of roundness. If the angle is too large or too small, it will cause this problem.


6. Check whether the back cover of the Z-axis screw support bearing is loose, otherwise it may be more likely.


The above is the solution to the vibration pattern of CNC precision turned and milling parts manufacturer.


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