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Measures to Reduce Thermal Deformation of Spindle of CNC Milling Machine

57   |   Published by VMT at Aug 13 2021

The increase in temperature during normal processing will have a certain impact on the normal operation and processing accuracy of the CNC Milling machine. The increase in temperature will cause the temperature of each part of the machine tool to change over time, causing the machine tool to lose its original adjustment accuracy, thereby affecting the size of the CNC millied workpiece. At the same time, the temperature rise will also change the bearing gap, affect the accuracy of CNC Milling, and cause changes in the positional relationship between the CNC millied parts or the mutual position of the parts, and there will be displacement or deformation.




The measures for CNC milling machines to reduce the thermal deformation of the spindle include reducing heat sources, heat insulation and heat dissipation.




The key to reducing the heat source is the rotation speed, clearance adjustment and reasonable preload of the spindle bearing. For thrust bearings and tapered roller bearings, due to poor working conditions, more heat is generated. If necessary, thrust angular contact ball bearings can be used instead to minimize the friction and heat generation of certain CNC Millined parts.




Heat insulation, keep the heat source away from the main shaft, such as isolating the motor from the transmission, using separate transmission, etc.






Heat dissipation, strengthen lubrication and cooling, and use oil cooling, air cooling, etc. to speed up heat dissipation. In order to reduce the influence of thermal deformation, no matter what numerical control machining method is used, it can only reduce thermal deformation, but it is difficult to completely eliminate thermal deformation. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce the effects of thermal deformation.




If it is a sliding bearing, the wear resistance of the journal has a great influence on the accuracy maintenance. Based on the above basic requirements of CNC milling performance, it can be seen that the rotation accuracy of the spindle components is good, indicating that it has good CNC milling accuracy and rigidity under no-load conditions, as well as good static working accuracy.

Vibration resistance and thermal deformation are good, indicating that the dynamic characteristics of the spindle are good. Wear resistance determines its ability to maintain working accuracy.




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